Mythbuster: Marketing always needs to make sense

Les Binet and Sarah Carter

Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like the idea that marketing always needs to make sense

Many years ago, we worked on a tea brand. It had strong sales and had led the market for many years. It benefited from a very popular long-running ad campaign and was bolstered by very stable numbers of buyers, whose habits seemed ingrained. It was hard to see this situation changing much. They rarely do.

So when word got out that a tea competitor had a bizarre new product up its sleeve, we and the client were not unduly worried. Our brand came in square tea bags like the rest of the market. The competitor's new tea idea was round bags. This made no sense at all. The tea would taste just the same. We gave it a few months, at best. How wrong we were. People loved the new round bags. And our rival shot to brand leader within a year.