Polident: How the Silver Generation got their songs back

Charu Aggarwal Harish and Alix Toothman
Grey Asia Pacific and Grey London


Polident is an adhesive paste that fixes your denture in place in your mouth. It is used to provide strong all-day hold, and it also helps to seal out food particles.

This is a story about Polident, and the power of the unconscious.

Polident's launch model was not having the desired impact in Malaysia. We had launched on the platform of excellent product performance, but the target simply didn't see the need for a fixative of any sort, let alone an excellent one.

Planning unearthed an insight that the target themselves were unaware of: dentures were causing them to limit their lives, unconsciously. What limitation they noticed, they attributed not to dentures, but to growing "mellow with age". This ran contrary to the cultural trend for the "Silver Generation", who were following Madonna as their icon, and aspired to live an active life with no inhibitions or limitations.