Crosse & Blackwell - A Great British brand back by popular demand

Agency: Tayburn
Client: Princes Food and Drink Group
Brand: Crosse & Blackwell
Category: External Communication Design

Executive summary

There is little more challenging in the world of brands than re-launching a forgotten and under-invested brand into a mature market dominated by one of the strongest food brands in the world.

But that's exactly what Princes did with Crosse & Blackwell. Acquired by Princes Food and Drink Group in 2011, a once well-loved and famous food brand, Crosse & Blackwell had suffered from years of under-investment and as a result had become left at the back of the cupboard and lost on the supermarket shelf.

A very mature market with two serious players and a very low price point were also crippling the brand, which had been in decline for a number of years.