Bart Ingredients Company

Agency: Honey
Client: Bart Ingredients Company
Brand: Bart Ingredients Company
Category: Packaging: Branded food

Executive summary

Established in 1963, Bart Spices has been a pioneering company selling premium quality herbs and spices for 50 years. Products range from classic herbs, spices and baking ingredients to more exotic blends.

Despite having been listed in Waitrose for 20 years and having a small presence in other retailers, there was little awareness of the brand.

In 2010 venture capitalists Langholm invested in the Brand and, in 2011, Honey was appointed to work alongside Bart for the re-brand.

Research found that herbs and spices are seen as a commodity and that there is little emotional engagement with brands in that category. There was a need to differentiate Bart and to engage emotionally with the consumer at the point of purchase.