Terry Whites 24 Daily: Delivering trust and sales daily

Agency: Elmwood
Client: Terry White Chemists
Brand: Terry Whites 24 Daily
Category: Packaging: Own Brand - Other

Executive summary

Picture a beauty contest: when it comes to the Australian health and beauty market, the competition is hotter than a runway show While supermarkets sit firmly in the front row clutching at lower cost structures, the traditional pharmacy channel is forced up the back, looking for new ways to compete.

That's exactly the challenge that faced mass retailer and family-owned franchise, Terry White Chemists, when they approached us in 2011. Even with Terry White' branded products on the shelves, in the world of personal beauty, they needed to introduce a more premium offering ... something that was exclusive to all 160 stores, built trust with customers and looked simply stunning. For the brand to be truly effective, therefore, we needed to flip traditional perceptions of own-brand health and personal care products as 'cheap and nasty' completely on its head. How? By creating a brand that Terry White's target market, Australian families, genuinely trusted and loved to use every day.