Tesco: Everyday Value packaging - Redefining a sector to meet new needs

Agency: Rocket Design Consultants
Client: Tesco
Brand: Everyday Value
Category: Packaging: Own Brand - Food

Executive summary

In 1993, Tesco were the first to launch a value range. Much has changed since then. Not only have all of the other major players launched their own but the tough financial times have changed the attitude towards Value ranges from 'it's for poor people' to 'it's a sensible purchase, if the quality is OK, to stretch the budget'. However, while the logic was there, in 2011/12, it was not translated into action with Tesco customers. While own brand market growth was steady at about 4.9% y.o.y, Value growth was only 2.6%.

Evolutionary design developments of the Tesco Value packaging design had failed to overcome the harsh, economy image of the range and consumers were losing patience with it. The blue lines and white background signified an industrial lack of care and gave no reassurance about the quality of the product inside. In addition, the packs were highly visible in the basket and tended to stigmatise.