Content marketing 101: Strategy, design, delivery



Capturing audiences today requires far more than strong copy and appealing creative. At NewsCred we're keenly aware that brands and agencies are striving to keep up with the rapidly growing need for high-quality content that's both relevant and personalized. So it's with great excitement that we share this content marketing white paper, packed with detailed case studies and how-to tips for your content marketing education needs.

Content marketing has evolved into a $44B industry, and is widely viewed as a top priority by 39% of client-side marketers, up 10% since last year.1 As champions of high-quality content, and the institutions that compose it, we have a vested interest in seeing successful examples of its distribution, monetization and consumption. Tracking the changes taking place in publishing, advertising and technology, our aim is to deliver actionable intel to digital marketers, innovators, publishers and syndication teams, giving you the tools to implement, manage and measure your investment in content.