Yorkshire Water: No fat down sinks!


The team

Fran Kay, Debbie Donovan, Gavin Shore, Nic Hearnshaw, Jo Mayers, Mark Newman, Steve Doyle, Aimee Laycock, Wendy Berriman.

Other contributors:

Alchemy Media – Media buyer, Spellman Walker Limited – Print of door drop, Periscope Limited – Pre and post research.

How did the campaign make a difference?

This campaign contributed towards a change in customer behaviour by increasing awareness of internal flooding risks. This contributed to a reduction of 12% in internal flooding incidents, helping Yorkshire Water meet its regulatory target of fewer than 423 reported incidents for the year.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Yorkshire Water has invested £180m into reducing the risk of flooding both inside and outside homes, over the last five years. The challenge was to develop a fully integrated campaign, based on customer insight, to reduce the number of sewer flooding incidents caused by disposal of items such as nappies, sanitary towels and fat in toilets and sinks. Blockage hotspot areas were identified, and the number of people living there was compared with the number of blockages to produce a ranking score. Experian Mosaic data was used to identify the demographics of those customers. From this two key customer profiles were created, to select the most appropriate targeting, channel choice and messaging. The channels were radio advertising, door drops, bus T-sides, six-sheet outdoor, advertising on shopping trolleys and online advertising. High-impact creative showed blocked pipes and flooded bathrooms and kitchens, linking behaviour with its effects. In a schools outreach programme, children were given a free fat recycling kit. Media activity used relevant stats on sewer flooding, and gave journalists the opportunity to see what blockages looked like. Yorkshire Water also refreshed customer letters and created new leaflets for technicians.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?