A recipe for better client-agency relationships

Paul Bainsfair and Professor Julie Hay
IPA and Psychological Intelligence

As part of IPA President Ian Priest's ADAPT agenda, the IPA held the first Adaptathon on 3rd October. Over 170 cross-industry delegates gathered to debate how agencies and clients could collaborate better, end wasteful ways of working and produce more effective advertising. Here Paul Bainsfair (IPA) and Professor Julie Hay (training consultant) summarise the outcome.

Earlier this year the IPA published a report The Long and the Short of it, the key findings of which were reported in the September issue of Market Leader. It builds on an insight by Peter Drucker: "Long term results cannot be achieved by piling short-term results on short-term results."

Authored by Les Binet and Peter Field, The Long and the Short of it has become one of our most popular publications in recent times. But what does this have to do with client-agency relationships?