Premier Inn: Pillow talk

ORC International and Premier Inn


Premier Inn is an organisation driven by evidence and innovation, and uses research as a basis for tactical and strategic business decisions. ORC International's 'Guest Recommend' and employee engagement programme 'Your Say' are deeply embedded in the business and impact on Premier Inn's operational decisions daily. Both are key measures of the customer heartbeat and are used to make strategic and tactical changes, communications and business changes.

The guest data is displayed on hotel websites to increase guest confidence, and is used to inform advertising campaigns and to make a business case for investments, such as new pillows. We also incorporate data such as complaints, revenue per room and number of rooms sold into our reporting, allowing Premier Inn to turn the data into action.

Bringing the two surveys together, and leveraging the combined intelligence they bring, has led to integrated reporting, and enhanced the insight for the senior team at Premier Inn. Guest and employee scores are both regularly highlighted in investor briefings and both are key to the companies balanced score card.