Mobile marketing in Asia: tips from Unilever, Prudential, McDonald's and BMW

Low Lai Chow

If ever a sign was needed that brands are fully invested in the mobile space in Asia, it came from Rahul Welde, vice president of media for Asia, Africa, Middle East and Turkey at Unilever, the FMCG group.

"When we think of mobile marketing adspend, we are not thinking in terms of percentage," he said at the MMA Forum, a conference organised by the Mobile Marketing Association and held in Singapore.

"We are thinking typically in terms of how many 'x'. It's either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x … in the last two or three years, we have seen that momentum. Depending on which market we are talking about, it is usually ranging between 200–500%: very significant and fairly dramatic.

"If you are part of the mobile marketing universe and not growing your business like 200% or 300%, you're really losing share to one of the other players in the room."