Connect with the Mobile Shopsumer

Ken Madden
Geometry Global North America

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Full integration of physical and digital store formats, the proliferation of mobile device usage and the blurring of the 'researching consumer' with the 'buying shopper' will transform the way that brands engage with 'shopsumers' and attempt to influence their purchase journey.

Laura is at the mall. As always, she has her mobile phone in her purse. We know she is at the mall. She checked in. We know she is near the local Gap store. She has the Gap app and it is accessing her location. We know she is a size 6, loves blue and has her eye on a new skirt. We have her purchase history and she has that skirt on her wish list. Her friends liked the skirt on Facebook and our inventory system tells us that her Gap store, 50 feet away, has the skirt in stock. Her phone vibrates, she pulls it out and looks at the screen. She's just been notified that the skirt she loves is in stock, nearby, and, because she is a valued customer, it is 10% off just for her right now. She walks in, swipes her phone, taps 'buy' and a sales rep walks up to her and hands her the skirt, bagged and ready to go, payment already processed, with a nice personal note printed on a blue card. I mentioned blue is her favourite colour, right? Okay. Maybe she tries the skirt on first. But you get the point.