What are you working on? Let us search, select and summarise for you

With this tool, our in-house researchers identify the most relevant WARC insights and cases for your business questions:

  • Submit your brief to the Ask WARC team
  • Receive back a summary of the most relevant content
  • Have your answers fast – within 48 hours

Here's how the Ask WARC tool works:

  1. Submit an inquiry – You submit a question, challenge or topic area that you need to research. The more we know about what you're trying to tackle, the more we can tailor the response to suit your needs. We recommend more strategic questions related to improving the effectiveness of your marketing and media to align with WARC's expertise.

  2. Our analysts will do the research – Our analysts, who have a background in marketing and market research, will find the most relevant information and data on WARC and provide interpretation and analysis to relate the insights on WARC to your business.

  3. Get the synthesized report in 48 hours – You'll be emailed a link to a synthesized report within 48 hours with not only the best content, but a summary highlighting key insights and takeaways.

  4. Follow up with additional feedback and questions – You can follow up with additional questions or feedback to ensure the response provides the insights you need to do your job. Your client services manager is also available to help interpret the results. 

Recent questions

  • I am creating a playbook internally on millennials for our marketing team. I'm looking for cases of advertising on Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat of brands that successfully connect with millennials?

  • We are trying to demonstrate what digital can achieve for brands that TV cannot. I'd like a comparison of each medium's strengths highlighting where digital beats TV, but also the areas where TV outperforms digital. We need to show that each medium has a vital and complimentary role to play as part of a campaign.

  • I am presenting at a strategy day about the application of behavioural economics principles to brand communications and marketing in general. Can you help me identify the key principles for marketers and how they are being applied, within the luxury sector if possible?

  • One of our marketing teams is looking for information on the different ways financial services companies are marketing their mobile banking apps, as well as how effective these initiatives are. Do you have anything?

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