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The Admap Prize is an essay contest that encourages and rewards individual excellence in strategic thinking in brand communications. Essays are judged by a panel of the industry's foremost thought leaders.

The Admap Prize is a unique opportunity to get recognition for the quality of your strategic ideas and for those ideas to be published in Admap magazine, which for over half a century has been synonymous with new ideas, insight and evidence of effectiveness in marketing communications. Essays for the Admap Prize need to be rooted in practical application to marketing challenges/opportunities, and address a specific marketing category.

The Admap Prize is free to enter, with a $5,000 cash prize to the author of the Gold-awarded essay. Selected essays will be published in Admap and on

The topic for the 2017 Prize is: How should TV and Social be used to maximum effect?

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  • The Admap Prize rewards excellence in strategic thinking
  • Committing to writing an essay forces you to set down your best thinking, to test it, and have it peer reviewed by colleagues and mentors prior to entry
  • Essays are judged by a panel of the industry's foremost thought leaders
  • Free to enter with a $5,000 cash prize for the winner
  • Awarded essays will be published in Admap, and shortlisted essays on
  • Get peer and industry recognition of your ideas, and raise your career profile. View the video stories of past winners

How to enter

  • Read the Admap Editor's introduction with some ideas for the essays and the basic requirements.
  • Download and read the Entry Form and the Terms & Conditions.
  • Complete the Entry Form in full, write your essay on the Entry Form and send the Entry Form to by
    February 13th.
  • If you intend to enter at a later date and want to be reminded of the deadline date then register your intention now by emailing putting 'Reminder' in the subject line.

From the Admap Editor

Colin GrimshawThe topic for the 2017 Admap Prize is How should TV and Social be used to maximum effect?

We think this is a big issue with many brands, including P&G, Mars and McDonald's, having jumped in to experiment with social media – in some cases taking money from traditional media to do this – are now re-evaluating.

There is a body of opinion that believes the value of mass targeting through advertising around highly valued content in times of leisure, such as TV programming, has been undermined by the rush to embrace new media. At the same time, even some social media evangelists are questioning whether Facebook has been used properly thus far, and foresee a big re-evaluation of how social media is used. Then there are some who believe that the future of marketing is around full automation of the creative and the delivery, personalised with the right message to the right individual, probably through Facebook. Among this range of views, I think there is also a broad issue around how traditional media and new media fit together in the marketing landscape.

Of course, different marketing categories often require different advertising and channel strategies. This is why we ask that in addressing the central question you consider a specific marketing category – FMCG, autos, retail, financial services, food, telecommunications, etc – or a more granular product/service category within a marketing category. And that you name this category on the Entry Form. Essays can employ new thinking but should be rooted in practical application.

In addressing the central question, there are a wide range of considerations and possible approaches. The following is a brief (and not exclusive) list to get your brain juices flowing:

  • Is social effective as a branding channel, or is it best used as a call-to-action channel?
  • Does micro-targeting promote short-term efficiency over long-term brand building?
  • Is the quality of the content that accompanies the advertising still important in advertising effectiveness?
  • What value do shared experiences (TV viewing) have on brand consideration as compared to solo experiences (social)?
  • How do you define and evaluate the audience in social media?
  • How do you marry and measure mass audiences in TV with micro-targeting through digital media in an integrated campaign?
  • How do you get reach effectively through digital channels?
  • Do brands need to be built in public, not in private?
  • What constitutes a meaningful brand relationship in a social age, and how should brands pursue it?
  • Is the wastage in mass targeting via TV still vital in building brand fame and desire?

Good luck! I and the judges look forward to reading your essays.

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