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This Trend Page covers brand positioning, first defined in a 1972 Ad Age article as "what you do to the mind of the prospect". The page includes short cuts to case studies, articles and videos. Click on the View All links to search within the lists of papers. The page is updated when new relevant content is added to Warc.. A in-depth review into the mind if the american consumer

Feb 16, 2016  

Asia Strategy Report

How strategic ideas are growing brands in Asia

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May 12, 2016

Online shopping

Consumers | Marketing | Media & Tech

The evolution of online shopping: pricing, consumer trust and personalisation

May 10, 2016

Global luxury goods

Consumers | Industries

Trends from the global luxury goods industry

Mar 04, 2015

Asia Strategy Report

Consumers | Marketing

How strategic ideas are growing brands in Asia

Jan 30, 2015

The UK in 2015


Fragility, insecurity, secular stagnation and hyper-connectivity

Jan 23, 2015

Social, digital and mobile in 2015

Media & Tech

How digital and mobile access keeps growing around the world

Jan 05, 2015

New emerging markets

Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, The Philippines and Turkey

Jan 06, 2014

Post-recession consumers


Long-term changes in UK consumer attitudes

Nov 12, 2013

Asia Strategy Report

Consumers | Marketing

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