Dedicated access to WARC's marketing
effectiveness experts

What is WARC Advisory?

WARC Advisory offers you dedicated access to marketing effectiveness experts.

Our mission is to help you craft the most impactful marketing strategies by applying our insight into best-in-class creative and media approaches.

The service is designed to give you confidence that your next marketing or media investment will be well spent. Work with us to make your marketing more compelling and grow your brand.

We advise across marketing strategy, execution and measurement:

  • Strategy: Understand your target audiences and plan your media investment.
  • Execution: Tap into best practice campaign development and take the most compelling creative approach.
  • Measurement: Compare your media allocation against the best in your category and learn how the best benchmark success.

Why are we different?

1. Objective and independent

  • What’s worked, what’s working and what could work best for your brand or media.
  • Backed only by evidence from over 80,000 case studies, best practice papers and research reports.

2. Advice from the best minds

  • Research validated with proof and written by respected marketing and advertising experts.
  • Access to brand leaders, awards winners and seminal research authors.
  • Taken from 50+ content partners so you tap into the brightest brains in marketing.

3. Global and multi-category

  • Tell us your brief, the guidance you need and your parameters.
  • We’ll curate the most relevant research, trends and examples from over 120 countries and 130 product sub-categories to help you benchmark your work against the best.

What can we help you answer?

“Will this be effective with our target audience?”

As your audience evolves, does your marketing resonate? Whether it’s for millennials, mums or the Middle East, we can share the insights you need so you’re talking their language.

“Will this creative approach nudge our customers’ behaviour?”

Does your creative strategy answer your objectives? Is it compelling? From personalisation to purpose, we’ll advise you on what’s working and what’s best practice.

“How does our marketing compare against our competitors?”

How do you compare in effectiveness, creativity and smart media use? We’ll recommend the benchmarks for you to follow and what best in class looks like.

“Are we spending on the right media? Is the media mix right?”

What media mix will help you hit your numbers? And what will convince the CFO that you’re investing wisely? See the success stories and media cost benchmarks to build your case.

“How can I justify my strategy to the CEO and CFO?”

Do you have enough evidence to win over stakeholders? And the data to back that up? Work with us to ensure your strategy includes the proof points to be powerful and persuasive.

What do we deliver?

We’ll work with you on shaping content tailored to what you and your business needs, delivered in the way you’d find most useful:

Bespoke advisory

Tell us your brief and our best experts will co-create a plan with you to craft a solution to your marketing challenge. This could be anything from a formal report to a company workshop.

Curated presentations

Send us your marketing questions and, drawing on our vast collection of effectiveness research, we’ll summarise and present our recommendations to you.

Who we are

Paul Coxhill
Managing director,

Katie Sterling
Advisory lead

David Tiltman
VP content

Nicola Tillin
VP commercial

Ed Pank
Managing director,
WARC Asia Pacific

Lena Roland
Managing editor,
WARC Knowledge

Lucy Aitken
Managing editor,
case studies

James McDonald
Managing editor,

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