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Marketing & brand management

Marketing management refers to the activities conducted by client-side marketers in order to sell products or services to target consumers. It aims to increase the customer base and customer satisfaction over time, and traditionally includes the 4P's: product, place (distribution), price and promotion (customer-facing communication and promotion). Brand management will generally have more focus on building and nurturing a specific brand within a company’s portfolio. Brand and marketing management are often used interchangeably.

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This article indicates some of the many areas in which companies will need to develop in the next few years to be successful marketing organisations of the future. It also discusses the results of Marketing 2020, a global survey of industry executives conducted by the ANA.
Why the approval of any significant marketing initiative is dependent upon a compelling business case.
This article updates McCarthy's famous 4P's for the digital world, reflecting the changing role of marketing.
The beverage giant's approach to international marketing and brand management.


In this article, the author highlights the opportunities for international brands looking to invest in the Russian market.


The article explores how local retail giants in Thailand, India and Vietnam are adapting for market-specific shopping culture and a digital future.


This report provides evidence of how advertising - with an estimated global spend of $542 billion in 2016 - plays a crucial role in driving national economies and generating growth.


This short article lists the books that influenced Richard Temple, board director at John Ayling & Associates.


This report explores how BMW is tackling the three major business obstacles of autonomous driving, connectivity and electrification.


This article explains how brands can tie digital measurement to direct business outcomes using a 'start-up' growth philosophy.

Research Paper

This Speaker’s Box article looks at the role of marketing in cybersecurity, particularly in regards to preparing for and managing the consequences of data breaches.
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    This article addresses the shortfall between the increasing number of planners and brands that work on global campaigns, and the little literature there is to support them; the author illuminates, here, a unique field in strategy.

  2. Article

    This article describes the potential within the near future of advertising and explores a new model — the "All Touch Value Creation Model" (ATVC) — capable of dealing with the obstacles facing the industry.
  3. Article

    This article reveals how Nike, the sportswear brand, successfully adapted its core brand proposition of 'Just Do It' to very diverse cultures.

  4. Article

    This article summarises Warc's Toolkit 2016, a guide to six key challenges for brands in the coming year.

  5. Article

    This article, taken from the Warc Toolkit 2016 report, looks at developments in attribution and modelling, including new forms of campaign analysis.

  6. Article

    This article offers an overview of how marketing drives business performance by explaining the theories of buyer behaviour, the ways that marketing can influence that behaviour and how advertising works.

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