Information and insights on marketing luxury goods and services


Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, Festival of Media Asia Pacific, March 2014
This event report discusses several myths about Chinese luxury shoppers. Some of the main misapprehensions include: they just want to accumulate more possessions (in fact, product quality is a priority); they can effectively be told what to buy (in reality, they are evermore educated and discriminating); they always look at the logo first (standing out is increasingly important); they are purchasing high-end goods online (the in-store experience is still highly valued); they like direct mail (mobile tools like WeChat are the preferred option); and they enjoy flaunting their wealth (sharing news about luxury purchases now typically occurs in private, one-to-one forums, such as via Skype).

Euromonitor Profiles, December 2013
This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the owner of brands such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, BeneFit, Fresh and Make Up For Ever. Included is a strategic evaluation with key facts about the French company, competitive positioning against comparative brands, and assessment of its position in the cosmetics market.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how Sacred gin, a luxury gin product, redesigned its bottle label to reinforce its premium positioning, make it more attractive on the bar, and communicate its brand story. Sacred gin is a home-brewed product with a premium positioning based on the quality taste.

Case Study

Croots rebrand
Design Business Association, Gold, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how a new brand, Croots, was created for AC Supplies, a English maker of canvas and leather bags and accessories. The brand identity needed to represent English provenance, craftsmanship, quality and value for money and its design was inspired by marquetry found on shotgun barrels.

Liana Dinghile, Admap, November 2013
This article argues that luxury brands need to use new media channels to explain their histories and values. Luxury brands are being forced to concentrate on long-term growth strategies due to three factors: residue from the recession which leads consumers to question a product's value, demographic change leading older consumers to demand experiences over material items, and the dominance of digital making information-seeking and comparison of products easier.

Eve Samuel-Camps and Mayuko Haldan-Jones, Admap, November 2013
This article discusses the importance of integrating digital strategies into luxury brand marketing, allowing for more creative brand story-telling. Such brands have traditionally used high quality print ads and many have translated these into digital formats successfully.

Colin Grimshaw, Admap, November 2013
In his editorial, Colin Grimshaw introduces the November 2013 issue of Admap, which focuses on luxury branding. He discusses the prospects of Burberry, the luxury fashion retailer, following the departure of its ceo to Apple.

Nicola Ko, Admap, November 2013
This article discusses a number of collaborative luxury brand extensions which are aimed at delivering an experience for consumers. Brand extensions should be consistent with brand values and reinforce the brand story.

Steve Yi, Admap, November 2013
This article argues that Twitter is more useful than Facebook for targeting luxury brand consumers through social media, as it allows a more personalised approach. LinkedIn and Facebook are both mass communication methods.



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