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Latin America

Mauro Fusco, Pepe Tomás, Carlos Ochoa and Joaquim Bretcha, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper analyses the online behaviour of pregnant women and recent mothers in Brazil by tracking the devices they use to access the internet.

Gerardo Martinez Romano, María Cristina Páez and Lucy Haide Balbuena Robles, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper investigates the ability of local and global companies to create balanced innovation portfolios, comparing developed and developing countries with a particular focus on Latin America.

Gabriel Gontijo, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper details research into the online habits of millennials in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, with a particular focus on Facebook use.

James Conrad, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper argues that marketers should segment their audience by digital connectedness and social engagement rather than demographics, and uses examples from Heineken in Europe and Burger King Motel in New Zealand to explain how this approach can work.

Martin Haag, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper presents a new research methodology - cultural mixology - which regards different mindsets and communication factors as 'logical layers'.

Juan Chasan, Orlando Riebman and Pablo Cibella, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper assesses radio audiences in Venezuela, and argues that this often under-valued channel deserves more attention.

Cecilia Mastrini, Natalia Gitelman and Enric Cid, ESOMAR, Latin America, April 2015

This paper explains how L'Oréal, the cosmetics company, improved the way it collects and analyses data to evaluate loyalty programs in Latin America.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, IEG Sponsorship, April 2015

This event report outlines how Coca-Cola's sponsorship programs of the Olympics has evolved since 2008 – and the main issues shaping the company's thinking before the 2016 Games in Brazil.

Sophie FitzGerald, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study explains how Adidas, the sports brand, planned ahead to create content that could be used in real-time responses to developments during the 2014 football World Cup.



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