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Latin America

Latin America covers the territories from Mexico in the north to Argentina and Chile in the South, a region that historically has low levels of advertising spend, but has seen rapid growth in the 21st century due to an emerging middle class. The biggest advertising market in the region by some distance is Brazil, followed by Argentina and Mexico. Across these markets, television remains the dominant channel.

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Important papers from across the Warc database

This paper examines the purchasing habits and priorities of low-income consumers in Latin America. It argues that, when building brand awareness in Latin America, brands should consider the importance of word of mouth recommendation and tailoring products to the local market.
This paper investigates the social identities and preferences of Brazil's ascending middle class.
How Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympics has evolved over the years to the 2016 Games in Brazil.
Predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets, including Brazil, for the next two years.

Case Study

This case study describes how Tecate, a Heineken-owned Mexican beer brand, increased sales and market share, closing the gap between it and the international leader, Coronita, with a bold new design.

Case Study

This case study details how Netflix, a video streaming service, used an unusual political situation and Twitter to market its House of Cards political drama in Argentina.

Case Study

This paper describes a global research project for PayPal, the online payment service, which sought to contemporise the brand and align it with people's attitudes to money.

Case Study

This case study explains how Antarctica, a beer brand, rebuilt its connection with people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by encouraging people to put down their phones and enjoy carnival.

Case Study

This case study explains how Paleta Payaso, a Mexican confectionery brand, quickly reacted to a negative social media story.

Case Study

This case study describes a brand re-launch by Masglo, a Colombian nail polish brand, which built an emotional connection with women.
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Research Paper

This paper describes the use and application of various ‘neuromarketing’ techniques to market research studies.

Research Paper

This paper describes a project that used artificial intelligence to extract insights from conversations on Twitter about two political events in 2016: the US presidential election and "Brexit", the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Research Paper

This paper describes research for the Comedy Central cable channel into the role of Mexican humor in TV and, in particular, what makes young Mexicans laugh.

Research Paper

This paper describes research for Pernod Ricard, the alcoholic drinks company, investigating Colombian consumers' online path to purchase of liquor and spirits brands.

Research Paper

This paper describes consumer and shopper research that led to a successful portfolio reconfiguration of PepsiCo's salty-snack multipacks in Colombia.

Research Paper

This paper describes a desk research project for Avon, the cosmetics company, to provide cost-effective insights into its sales representatives in Brazil.

Research Paper

This paper describes a Brand Audit for Ambev, the Brazilian brewing company, that covered its own premium brands and those of its main competitors, using a methodology analysing social media output.
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  1. Article

    This event report outlines how Coca-Cola, the soft drinks giant, measured advertising engagement among Brazilian teens in real time during the 2016 Olympic Games.

  2. Article

    This case study describes how Oreo, a sandwich cookie from the United States, orchestrated a global integrated marketing campaign with regional variations, drove record-breaking cookie sales and built equity for the brand.

  3. Article

    This case study describes, soft drink giant, Coca Cola's campaign to bring the product back into its holiday advertising offer.

  4. Article

    This article presents the predicted advertising expenditure across 12 key markets for 2015 and 2016.

  5. Article

    This report summarises the data stored in Warc's Adspend Database, which tracks advertising expenditure for eight media in 90 individual markets back to 1980.

  6. Article

    This brief case study for Dove, the beauty brand, describes a campaign that confronted women about their self-image.

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