Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Festival of Media Latin America, September 2015

This article details how Burger King, the quick-service restaurant chain, used online video to help launch its Big King sandwich in Brazil.

Case Study

Twix: Bites #TBT
Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Awards, Honorable Mention, 2015

This case study describes how Twix, a chocolate brand, turned its late arrival into the 'bite size' category in the US from a negative into a sales point, earning improved brand sentiment.

Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Awards, Silver, 2015

This case study describes how McDonald's, the quick service restaurant chain, used advertising around a national sporting event in the USA to improve brand sentiment.

Felicetta Ortica, Thom Noble and Darren Bridger, Admap, October 2015

This article shares findings from neuroscience research into the role of packaging in shaping consumer perception and triggering purchase, using an example from Tesco, the UK supermarket chain.

Christoph Welter, Doerte Toellner and Helen King, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper argues that research agencies and their clients need to take a new approach to their relationships to improve business outcomes, using the example of a client that went in a different an opposite direction to the research.

Irene Joshy, Ruchira Jain and Shivkumar Raman , ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper details a two-step research process to enable PepsiCo, the food and snacks company, to understand the diversity of food and flavour preferences across India and to develop successful products for different sub-regions.

Dave Choate and Chad R. Maxwell, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper identifies a new approach to leveraging insight from social media, focusing on who is doing the talking rather than what is being talked about.

Tom De Ruyck, Niels Schillewaert, Thomas Troch, Anouk Willems, Olesya Govorun and Holly M. Rozelle, ESOMAR, Winner, Best Paper Overall, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper explains how Dannon, the dairy products company, created a platform that gave its shopper research findings a longer life.

MMA Smarties, Gold, 2015

This case study details how Zespri, the fruit company, overcame the challenge of making kiwi fruit interesting and fun to kids across China.




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