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First Movers

How North American brands are leading the marketing revolution

Warc's First Movers report analyzes how major brands are responding to the most important trends affecting organizations in North America. It offers insights from over 200 case studies, plus data, research and the latest thinking, to demonstrate how best practice is changing in a fast-moving marketplace.


How North American brands are leading the marketing revolution

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First Movers showcases top North American brands leading the marketing revolution, in 8 key areas:

1 Consumers: Putting value first

2 Targeting: Multicultural mainstream

3 Strategy: Small ideas

4 Mobile: The mobile mindset

5 Media: Generation screen

6 Retail: New shopper environments

7 Content: Real-time engagement

8 Adspend: The 2013/14 outlook

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mobileAmerica's most effective brand

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