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Shopper insight

Shopper insight covers research into consumers when they are looking to purchase within a category. Its focus tends to be the ways consumers discover products, and how they make their ultimate purchase decision. The journey to a buying decision is known as the ‘path to purchase’, and the rise of data-rich digital channels allows marketers to develop sophisticated path-to-purchase models. ‘Shopper marketing’ involves communication with consumers at key moments of the path to purchase.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This article provides advertisers with information and guidance on shopper strategy and the path-to-purchase. It includes sections on connecting with today's shopper, understanding different shopper types, in-store innovations and shopper-led communications.
A guide to understanding and influencing the decision-making process that drives buyer behaviour.
Best Practice paper on mapping the consumer journey – and guidelines for developing research in this area.
The techniques like AR, beacons and facial recognition that can influence in-store purchase decisions.
GFK research into the online shopping experience and how people expect to be shopping in the future.

Case Study

This case study describes how the shoe brand Dune redesigned its stores to bring a 'wow' factor, drive footfall and communicate its fashion credentials alongside its affordability with allusions to the catwalk that drew focus to the product itself.

Case Study

This case study describes how McVitie's, a snack food brand, redesigned its cake portfolio for the UK market to drive penetration.

Case Study

This case study explores how Arla's skyr, a new yoghurt brand to the UK, broke into this competitive category with a design that contrasted with the cluttered market, cutting through the noise.

Case Study

This case study looks at Green's, a British gluten-free beer brand, that rebranded in order to sit more comfortably among mainstream beer shelves, a departure from the prior 'pharmaceutical look'.

Case Study

This case study describes how Polyseam, a UK-based sealant and filler manufacturer, developed the branding for its new all-in-one adhesive and sealant by creating a range of simple, boldly designed products that leveraged the building trade's trust in the brand.

Case Study

This case study describes how Walmart, the US supermarket, appealed to Hispanic consumers in the holiday season through research into inspirational sentiments about the festive period in order to create ads that would chime with the target audience.
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This article explores how programmatic can be more than a way to serve ads: it can enhance the customer experience if the dynamic capabilities of adtech are combined with meaningful creative.


This report discusses the luxury goods industry in a global context, including changes in key markets, consumer attitudes and technology’s influence on luxury goods.

Research Paper

This paper describes a research project for Mercado Libre, a Latin American ecommerce platform, which wanted a better understanding of its own position against those of its competitors in the online shopping market.

Research Paper

This article describes how Yanbal, a cosmetics brand, researched the increased use of digital technologies for its direct sales operations in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Research Paper

This paper describes research that explores whether consumer decision-making, in relation to shopping across different categories and seven national markets, is influenced by culture.


This article explains how predictive metrics can identify the changing ideals that consumers expect from their car and its high-contribution values, allowing marketers to gain a head start in the race for brand engagement.
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  1. Article

    This article looks at the decision-making process that consumers undergo in order to make a purchase, connecting and engaging with different options, before finally settling on a brand.

  2. Article

    This report analyses the evolution of online shopping, covering changes in pricing, consumer trust, personalisation and how popular marketplaces are serving their regions' needs.

  3. Article

    This report discusses the future of the global luxury goods industry, including changes in key markets, the impact of luxury wearables and how brands are looking for more meaningful 'luxury experiences'.

  4. Article

    This article provides marketers with information and guidance about luxury brand advertising.

  5. Article

    This article outlines ten key shopper trends that brands need to recognise within the rapidly evolving retail sector and explains how best they can address them.

  6. Article

    This article offers an overview of how marketing drives business performance by explaining the theories of buyer behaviour, the ways that marketing can influence that behaviour and how advertising works.

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