Cannes Lions 2017

Insights from the Creative Effectiveness winners

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WARC's Cannes Analysis 2017 highlights trends among the campaigns entered into the 2017 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions, including campaign budgets, media mix, campaign duration, creative approaches, metrics and regional variation.

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Inside the report

Themes from the report include:

  1. Video in all formats is integral to effective campaigns
  2. Winning campaigns are moving from social-led to social as a support
  3. Purpose-led advertising is dominant – but issues remain
  4. Emotion remains central to best-practice campaigns

Also included are summaries of all the winning case studies from the 2017 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions.

Grand Prix winner

Van Gogh's Bedrooms

Art Institute of Chicago won the Grand Prix in the 2017 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions for its Van Gogh's Bedrooms: Let Yourself In campaign, which advertised a life-size replica of Van Gogh's famous bedroom painting on Airbnb to increase brand awareness and ticket sales.