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Short & long-term effects

In a business environment increasingly focused on the next quarter’s results, the distinction between short- and long-term effects has become one of the most important topics in marketing effectiveness. Recent research has suggested that long-term considerations need to be factored into campaign measurement. Long-term success – in the form of strong brands commanding price premiums – cannot be generated by a succession of short-term ‘hits’, but must be planned for and measured accordingly.

Key Reading

Important papers from across the Warc database

This paper presents some of the findings and recommendations from The Long and Short of It, a study from Les Binet and Peter Field that provides evidence-based recommendations for businesses on how best to approach investment in advertising. It focuses on balancing short-term sales improvement with long-term brand success.
The case for evaluating advertising based on long-term effects and suggests appropriate methods.
An analysis of single-source data showing that advertising has a pronounced short-term effect on sales.
How econometric modelling can be used to substantiate long-term sales effects from advertising.


This paper summarises key findings from the IPA report, ‘Media in Focus’, itself an analysis of the media elements within the IPA’s Databank of advertising effectiveness case studies.

Research Paper

This study advises marketers on how they should rebalance their marketing budgets to favour a healthy mix of promotional advertising and media investment.


This article provides marketers with information about how to balance long-term and short-term strategies.


This article examines why creative effectiveness has halved since 2011 and how marketing needs to change to focus on long-term brand health with improved creative effectiveness.


This report provides evidence of how advertising - with an estimated global spend of $542 billion in 2016 - plays a crucial role in driving national economies and generating growth.


This article shows that brand KPIs are only valuable when and where they are genuinely actionable and if they measure the right things, which should be the variables most important to building a brand's financial value over the short and long term.

Research Paper

This viewpoint discusses the need for balanced metrics to combat the rise of short-termism and provide a better analysis of campaign success.
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