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Toolkit 2013

Warc’s Toolkit 2013 Trend Report is designed to help brands respond to this year’s biggest marketing challenges. The report, drawn up in association with Deloitte, summarises the lessons from the best articles, trend analysis, data and case studies published recently on Warc. A sample version of the report can be viewed on Slideshare.


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Warc's Toolkit 2013 distils the smartest new thinking and best practice in marketing into a guide for the year ahead.

The aim of the report is to look at the biggest challenges facing marketers in 2013, then examine the latest ideas and case studies to suggest ways to meet them.

Each chapter looks at a different challenge we think brands will face in 2013 - from shifts in consumer expectations, to making the most of mobile and social media, to harnessing 'big data'.

We look at the latest thinking, provide relevant data, and use case studies to demonstrate how leading brands have responded to the challenge.

Most of the information in the report is sourced from Warc's global marketing intelligence service.

This includes in-depth case studies, articles from Admap magazine, research pieces, content from our partner organisations, and stories from our daily news feed.


The full Toolkit 2013, as well as a summary version of the report, is available to Warc subscribers:

Toolkit 2013 (PDF, 9MB)
Summary version (PDF, 1MB)

Non-subscribers can purchase this report from the Warc Store.


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Warc's Toolkit 2013 features ten chapters on the key challenges facing brands in the year ahead.

1 Consumers: Engaging the enraged
How can brands win over the disaffected?

2 Strategy: The small idea
How can a brand embed itself into everyday life?

3 Mobile: The mobile shopper
How does mobile change the shopper journey?

4 Media: Generation screen
How are brands responding to multiscreening?

5 Content: Strategic content
What role should content play in marketing?

6 Social media: The role of reach
How can social media best drive business results?

7 Word-of-mouth: Creating advocates
How can brands use WOM to best drive advocacy?

8 Insight: Making sense of data
How can brands turn 'big data' into actionable insights?

9 Targeting: The personal touch
When should brands personalise their approach?

10 Adspend: The 2013 outlook
What is the forecast for advertising expenditure?