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Open exclusively to professionals working in WPP companies worldwide, WPP’s Atticus Awards honour original thinking in communications.

The most recent Awards were announced in August 2017 and a selection of winning papers are available to read here on WARC.

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Grand Prix

political polling

Head or Heart – The Conflicts of Political Polling

Author Alexander Wheatley
Agency Lightspeed, London

The predictions people make about themselves in polls are not always correct and they are not always truthful.

A study showed that predictions can be shifted with even the slightest change of presentation, so to help respondents make an informed prediction, it is essential to be careful about the information they are given and how it is delivered.

Researchers should not rely on any one piece of evidence but should invest in a multi-method approach.



The Advertising Agencies of the Future Will Be Open Sourced

Author Ajinkya Pawar
Agency Phoenix Ogilvy, Colombo


The Essential Metrics to Analyze for Keyword Research Success

Author Paul Shapiro
Agency Catalyst, Boston


Where Are My Super Bowl Ads?

Author James Cahill
Agency Geometry, London

Branding and Identity


Cultural Value: Mastering the New Marketing Currency

Authors Izzy Pugh and Helen Firth
Agency Kantar Added Value, London; New York

Highly Commended

Group XP Experience Index

Authors Iain Ellwood and Tim Greenhalgh
Agency Group XP and Fitch, London


#Cultural Impact - The New Challenge for Global Brands and How to Master it

Author Alessandra Cotugno
Agency Young & Rubicam, London

Media and Communications Planning


The Death of the Demographic

Author Lyndon Morant
Agency Mindshare, Tokyo

Highly Commended

Brand encounters of the frictionless kind

Author Chris Worrell
Agency MEC Global Solutions, London


Finesse the Campaign Through Copy Testing

Author Daren Poole
Agency Kantar Millward Brown, Sydney


Highly Commended

All Avenues Open: Managing through the uncertainty of the Trump era marketplace

Author J Walker Smith
Agency Kantar Futures, London


The Software of Evermore

Authors Koen Speelmeijer and Frank Delmelle
Agency These Days, Antwerp

The Nature and Value of Insights


The Velocity 12 Markets

Author Kent Wertime
Agency Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok


The Rise of the Machines - Programmatic Commerce and the Digital Retail Revolution

Authors Patrick Munden, Minos Makris and Hugh Fletcher
Agency Salmon, Watford

Digital Communications and Research Methodologies

Highly Commended

Interaction 2016

Author Rob Norman
Agency GroupM, New York


Connecting Data - How DMPs Can Power Better Research

Authors Phil Sutcliffe and Sam Curtis
Agency TNS London; Kantar London

Under 30 Essay

Joint Winner

Purpose as sin and salvation

Author Eric Tsytsylin
Agency Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Joint Winner

Social purpose is essential, but it's no longer enough

Author Matilda Scullion
Agency The Partners, London