South East Asia

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines


Christine Tan, David Jeffs, Martin Anso, Melissa Gill, Samy Mardolker, Smitha Kuppa and Tony Salvage, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper identifies some of the qualities of life from the 'world without web' that are disappearing and asks what we will miss and how commercial value can be created through innovation inspired by such qualities.

Phong Huynh, Alena Rossini, Desmond Chan, Kalidas Ashok and Laurenz Koehler, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper illustrates how a segmentation study was conducted for Celcom, a Malaysian telecoms business, using a creative approach that embedded the findings throughout the organisation.

Monica Cravenetya and Satish Pai, ESOMAR, Asia Pacific, Singapore, May 2015

This paper explores the tension in Indonesia between its traditional, collective culture and a newer-found individualism, and what this means for marketers.

Warc News, 18 May 2015
BANGKOK: High household debt and low consumer confidence have subdued retail spending in Thailand, with marketers having to place emphasis on discounts and promotions. Reuters reported an unexpected spike in bad loans at Thailand's banks in the first.

Warc News, 11 May 2015
SINGAPORE: Programmatic video is growing fast across Southeast Asia but nowhere more so than in the Philippines as new data shows inventory there grew threefold quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of 2015. According to demand-side platform T.

Warc News, 05 May 2015
HO CHI MINH CITY: The next three years will see a 40% expansion in the number of supermarkets in Vietnam, thanks to a combination of economic recovery, urbanisation and growing foreign investment. The modern retail sector currently accounts for betw.

Cristina Buenaventura, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study describes how the Philippine Department of Tourism used social media to encourage visitors to come back to the country after natural disaster.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, Festival of Media Asia Pacific, March 2015

This event report looks at ways in which global brands are being marketed locally in the Philippines.

Tobias Puehse, Nielsen, March 2015

This article introduces Nielsen's Breakthrough Innovation Report for Southeast Asia, which reviewed more than 2,500 consumer product launches across key Southeast Asia markets in order to identify innovation success.



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