Recession & Recovery

Dealing with tough economic times

Recession and Recovery

Joseph Clift, Warc Data, WFA Global Marketer Week, March 2015

This paper describes Warc's adspend and economic forecasts for the years ahead, and tracks some major adspend trends of recent years.

Research on Warc, Bensimon Byrne, Issue 24, February 2015

This article examines Canadian attitudes towards the economy, including concerns over rising costs and stagnant incomes and how this is affecting consumption habits.

Michael Brennan, Warc Exclusive, January 2015

This article sets out some of the longer term trends and challenges in the UK which together, it argues, are creating a feeling of insecurity amongst consumers.

Euromonitor Strategy Briefings, January 2015

This report sets out some of the features of a new set of emerging markets - Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Turkey - the 'NIMPTs'.

Michael Brennan, Warc Exclusive, Trajectory Partnership, August 2014

This article explains what the results of the 2014 European Parliament elections say about post-recession 'Compromised Consumers' and their attitudes to authenticity, confidence, polarisation, transparency and trust.

Caroline Hayter, Market Leader, Quarter 3, 2014

This article uses lessons from psychology to understand the long term impact of the last economic crisis on British consumers' habits.

Marita Carballo and Constanza Cilley, ESOMAR, Latin America, Buenos Aires, April 2014
This paper discusses international attitudes towards Latin America as a whole and its individual countries, broken down by region and country, finding that impressions are broadly favourable whilst ill-informed. In the past decade, Latin America has experienced a period of resurgence, with strong growth and improved social outcomes.

José Orlando, Fernando Moiguer, Magdalena Iocco and Lorena Cura, ESOMAR, Latin America, Buenos Aires, April 2014
This paper discusses how Zurich Life, the financial services company, implemented a strategy in Latin America to change how its business worked in response to new challenges. Economic growth in Latin America has led to the emergence of a new middle class, with distinct heritage and culture from the original middle classes.

Sarah Boumphrey, ESOMAR, Latin America, Buenos Aires, April 2014
This paper examines the purchasing habits and priorities of low-income consumers in Latin America. This group represents an exciting target segment for many consumer goods companies - in Brazil alone there are 2.2 million households with a disposable income below US$2,500.



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