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Frank Wolfram and Michael Berelian, Admap, September, 2015

This article explains how advertisers can use in-app advertising on mobile to reach their audiences, and avoid the two major mobile ad owners - Facebook and Google - getting in the way.

Colin Grimshaw, Admap, September, 2015

This editorial introduced the September 2015 issue of Admap magazine, which focussed on creativity in mobile advertising.

Jason Mander, Admap, September, 2015

This article reveals global research findings into what the 'average' mobile shopper behaviour looks like.

Mark Brennan, Admap, September, 2015

This article discusses the combination of data to improve targeting, and gives examples of location-based ad targeting on mobile.

Rob Norman, Admap, September, 2015

This article argues that the media landscape is changing again, and that as the popularity of apps grows the trend towards fragmentation will reverse.

Julian Smith and Carl Juresic, Admap, September, 2015

This article provides ten steps to creating responsive mobile communications, which is imperative for brands as consumers spend so much time on mobile.

Seth Hittman, Admap, September, 2015

This article argues that the shift towards mobile advertising has created an opportunity for mobile data management platforms (DMPs) to improve the quality and use of mobile tracking data.

Ben Phillips, Admap, September, 2015

This article gives an overview of the multiple mobile video platforms and ad networks that are available to advertisers, and provides guidance for selecting from these, creating content and appealing to the right target group.

Leo Dalakos, Admap, September, 2015

This article explores the implications for brands of the rise of the omnichannel consumer, and suggests ways advertisers can improve their consumer targeting.




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