Developing Insights

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Developing Insights

Carola Verschoor and Kees Elands, ESOMAR, Latin America, Buenos Aires, April 2014
This paper discusses the challenge faced by the market research industry to be more efficient and relevant. In order to achieve this, it is argued that research needs to become a tool for building strategy and be used throughout the creative process.

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, Market Research in the Mobile World Asia Pacific, March 2014
This event report discusses how three leading brands have leveraged mobile research to deepen their understanding of consumers in Asia. On its part, Coca-Cola found that asking shoppers to keep "app diaries" tracking their daily beverage intake yielded insights that traditional techniques would struggle to replicate.

Rachel Kennedy, John Scriven and Magda Nenycz-Thiel, International Journal of Market Research, Digital First, March 2014
Big data is here for some and coming for many. It promises access to new knowledge along with some challenges, but let’s not forget the important lessons of the past to ensure that we are advancing knowledge and making the right decisions from the data we have.


Smarter data
Dr Michael Wu, Admap, February 2014
This article discusses how researchers can get the most from Big Data, arguing that information and data are different things, and a greater volume of data does not guarantee better information. Further, when data is interpreted into information, this does not always result in insight: often it only says what was already known.

Anthony Tasgal, Warc Exclusive, Next Generation Research, January 2014
This presentation emphasises the importance of storytelling and creating insight and meaning from big data. Big data is defined as only meaning 'lots of data' and the ability to measure things: it does not automatically create understanding.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2013
This event report discusses how General Mills, the food group, is seeking to derive the maximum benefit from its qualitative insights, both on their own terms and when mixing this information with quantitative research. In the first instance, this requires encouraging a shift away from finding safety in numbers, not least because some factors that are vitally important simply cannot be counted.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, The Market Research Event, October 2013
This event report discusses why PepsiCo, the food and snacks groups, believes brand "lovers" should play a greater role in market research. For many marketers, this audience is simply assumed to be made up of those people who consume a product the most - but this fact alone does not indicate a true emotional connection.

Michelle Singer and Christina Hloros, MRS Awards, Finalist, December 2013
This article describes research by The Futures Company which segmented consumers by the cultural openness and attachment and explored the implications of this for brand choices. A global survey was used to provide data on consumers' values, attitudes, lifestyles and needs in 21 countries.

Shiona Davies and Caroline Ahmed, MRS Awards, Finalist, December 2013
This article describes the development of the SME Finance Monitor, a measure of UK business access to credit produced by BDRC Continental. The monitor uses telephone interviews with SME business owners and financial decision makers to understand finance applications, success, and appetite for growth.



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