Data Strategy

Using Big Data in marketing

Data Strategy

James Murphy, Market Leader, Quarter 2, 2015

This article describes the wide-ranging potential of personalisation, from brands to services and even down to pricing.

Jeff Hunter, ESOMAR, ESOMAR, MENAP, March 2015

This paper demonstrates how to integrate multiple data sources to create market structures and models, using a case study for a food and beverage company across 16 international markets.

Brian Carruthers, Event Reports, IAB Research Breakfast, February 2015

This event report looks at the impact of programmatic buying on creativity in advertising, with AOL suggesting that the human element in programmatic is too often overlooked.

Christopher Hylton Fitzroy Nailer, Bruce William Stening and Marina Yue Zhang, International Journal of Market Research, Digital First, March 2015
For reasons primarily associated with the reliability of the data it generates, the timeliness with which it can be produced (and hence its relevance) and its limitations in handling context-sensitive issues, market research in emerging markets that relies too heavily on quantitative methodologies has considerable limitations. For this reason, there has been an increasing realisation that qualitative methods, emphasising data richness and a deep understanding of consumers – ‘why’ as well as ‘what’ and ‘how much’ – are a critical component of research in emerging markets.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, IAB Annual Leadership, February 2015

This event report outlines four ways that Kraft, the food group, is pursuing data-driven engagement with consumers.

Warc Exclusive, February 2015

This article provides marketers with information and guidance on researching consumers.

Etienne Bell, Warc Exclusive, Crimtan, February 2015

This article shows how airlines can partner with digital advertising networks and use their combined datasets to address prospective customers with highly-targeted online campaigns.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Ad Age Data, October 2014

This event report discusses how Kraft, the food group, has aimed to address three data integrity issues which are common across the advertising ecosystem.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Ad Age Data, October 2014

This event report shows how McCormick – which manufacturers a diverse range of spices, herbs and seasonings – is using various forms of data to enhance its understanding of consumers.



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