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Jo Bowman, Event Reports, dmexco, September 2015

This event report considers how financial services brand MasterCard is repositioning itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a simple payments brand.

Jo Bowman, Event Reports, dmexco, September 2015

This event report looks at how skincare brand Nivea has successfully adapted its global marketing approach, based on empathy and the use of technology, to guide product development and executions in local markets.

Mindy Yap, Warc Prize for Asian Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

The case study describes how Tiger Beer had fallen behind its leadership position in Singapore and lost its identity along the way and its ensuing campaign to reverse this trend.

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, Festival of Media Latin America, September 2015

This event report shows how Bradesco, the Brazilian bank, allied with mobile networks such as Telefónica to introduce a "sponsored data" program that give customers free access to its app and mobile website.

Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Awards, Bronze, 2015

This case study describes how Seda, a hair care brand, exchanged empty packaging for mobile phone credit, to gain consumer loyalty and preference in Brazil.

Nicole Huyghe and Bart Vandenreijt, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper demonstrates how Carrefour, the supermarket chain, combined market research principles with big data to improve ROI from its loyalty programme in Belgium.

Justin Smith, Sarah Phillips, Camille Nicita and Susan Scarlet, ESOMAR, Congress, Dublin, September 2015

This paper argues that the continued emergence of Big Data and advanced analytical techniques presents the need for organisations to leverage analytics in combination with market research in order to map the consumer journey and deliver truly consumer-centric experiences.

MMA Smarties, Bronze, 2015

This case study details how Dunkin' Donuts, the food chain, partnered with the Discovery Channel in the US to reach more people and drive social media engagement.

MMA Smarties, Gold, 2015

This case study shows how Sunsilk, a shampoo brand, used a campaign on Zalo, a social mobile app, to increase loyalty among young women in Vietnam.



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