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Nielsen, February 2015

This article demonstrates how to use advertising process control to improve the reliability of producing effective advertising campaigns over time.

Andrew Green, Warc Best Practice, January 2015

This article explores the different ways out of home media can be used as part of the marketing mix, and explains how digital is improving its effectiveness and changing how it can be used.

Tony Regan, Warc Best Practice, December 2014

This article sets out the key issues in planning for mobile, and provides guidance for incorporating mobile into integrated communications plans.

Tom Gray, Admap, November 2014

This article sets out four approaches to events sponsorship for brands, including their pros and cons, and what brand objective they are most suited to.

John Goodman, Admap, November 2014

This article details six simple guidelines for activating sports sponsorship for brands, crucial to bring the deal to life, properly align the brand with the sports and meet brand and business objectives.

Adina Poenaru, Sid Simmons, Keith Goffin and Paul Baines, Warc Best Practice, November 2014

This article suggests that market segmentation is as much about how you do as what you do with it, and offers guidance for effectively segmenting a market - and embedding the focus on a segment across the business.

Andrew Green, Warc Best Practice, September 2014

This article summarises the best ways to use magazines as an advertising channel, including measurement and future developments.

Tony Regan, Warc Best Practice, October 2014

This best practice guide covers search and social data, which are increasingly being used to drive insights for communications planning across channels.

Lois Jacobs and Thomas Ordahl, Admap, October 2014

This article explores the new demands made of brands as markets and disruption happen much quicker, and argues that 'agile brands' are the answer.



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