DMA UK Awards 2011

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DMA UK Awards 2012

Be judged by what others do

The Direct Marketing Association recognises campaigns that demonstrate how brilliant strategic thought and creative ideas drive outstanding results.

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Kern & Sohn: The Gnome Experiment
OgilvyOne UK

Kern & Sohn - The Gnome Experiment


Selected Gold winners included:

FRijj: You LOL, you lose

DMA UK Awards 2012

Bentley Motors: Art

Carte Noire: Perfect me-time

IKEA: Snap a napper

MINI: Boring finance

P&G: Mission control £75 off


Selected Silver case studies:

Kellogg's: All Bran Golden Crunch

DMA UK Awards 2012

British Airways: Mosaic

Nissan: Your 2nd Nissan

Selected Bronze papers:

BSkyB: Sky Sports

O2: Money account card

IBM: Smarter rugby