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4A's Jay Chiat Awards 2011

Recognising excellence in strategic thinking that inspires creative work.

The key criteria for winning an award are a great strategic idea; a powerful, creative manifestation of the idea; and a clear link between the two.

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The Grand Prix was shared between two campaigns.

Jay Chiats 2011

The Colombian Ministry of Defence and Lowe & Partners reached members of the FARC with Operation Christmas. Read more on the background of the demilitarisation program.

Puma and Droga5 also took a top prize for recognising The Joy of Sport. Read more on the insight into Puma's global repositioning campaign.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Just the right amount of wrong

Jay Chiats 2011

Gatorade: G-Series product launch

Microsoft Bing: Decode Jay-Z with Bing

Adobe: Museum of Digital Media

The National HIV Council: F**K TREE

Read Andrew Delbridge’s assessment of the gold winners


Brainjuicer: Let's get emotional about advertising
Starcom USA: EQ

The Marketing Arm: Fans, brands, and properties

Honorable Mention
co.r inovação: The Follow the Rabbit Methodology

Andrew Delbridge on innovation and entrepreneurship

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