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The Admap Prize 2016

The Admap Prize encourages and rewards excellence in strategic thinking in brand communications. Essays are judged by a panel of the industry's foremost thought leaders.

Join us for the debate around marketing in the era of personalisation on 23 June in Cannes.


The Admap Prize is a unique opportunity to have the quality of your ideas recognised by some of the industry's leading thinkers and for those ideas to be published in Admap magazine, which for half a century has been synonymous with thought leadership and the propagation of ideas.

It is an essay-based competition, free to enter, with a $5,000 cash prize to the author of the Gold-awarded essay.

Entries are now closed.

Join us for the debate around marketing in the era of personalisation on 23 June in Cannes.


Admap Prize 2014 winnerRead the essays and comments on entering the Prize from the previous Gold winners.



The uncanny valley of personalisation
Oliver Feldwick, CHI & Partners


How personalisation needs to have its Ford moment
Ramzi Yakob, TH_NK, and Hamid Sirhan


You don't know what's good for you
Richard Morris, Whistlejacket


The era of personalisation: hiding our fangs in the jungle
Clare Kane, TNS China

Stop selling and start building
Ed Melvin, Publicis Dublin

Personalized advertising is an oxymoron
Faris Yakob, Genius Steals

Brand-consumer sexting as the future of marketing personalisation
Tara Duveanu, Nollar


Let's chat
Heather Dansie, Starcom Mediavest Group

Scenario planning for personalisation
Joe Lunn, Mindshare Australia

Meeting the challenge of personalization at scale
Yoram Wind and Alexa de los Reyos, The Wharton Future of Advertising Program

Data drives marketing, but consumers keep control
Nicole Ward, MasterCard

Remember, realise, re-purpose and restructure
Jack Miles, Northstar Research Partners

A brand that knows your name isn't a personal brand
David Austin, Iris Worldwide

Why marketers need to embrace brand elasticity in personalisation
Jed Hallam, Jeremy Pounder and Ruth Zohrer, Mindshare

Personalisation – the people's revolution
Tom Sheppey, Total Media

In defence of a humanistic view of personalization
Catherine Lautier, Mindshare

Could personalising in real time be the future of marketing?
Emma Pilling, MEC Manchester

The emperor's new, personalised clothes
Joe Goyder, Freelance

Personalisation is toast
Jeremy Nye, Channel 4

How do I deliver personalisation at scale?
Flavia Straccini, Mindshare

Break it, fairy dust it, till we make it
James Wong, Zenith Media, Malaysia

The personalisation paradox
Malky Brown, J Walter Thompson

Advancing theory into reality
Helen Brain, Mediacom

Branding, from smartphones to smart consumers
Javier Otaduy, Otaduy Branding

From dark satanic mills to counting electric sheep
Giles Lury, The Value Engineers

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A panel of industry thought leaders will judge the Prize, including:

Marc MathieuMarc Mathieu, CMO, Samsung Electronics America Inc

Ben MalbonBen Malbon, Marketing Director, Google

Ivan PollardIvan Pollard, VP Global Connections, The Coca-Cola Company

Steve HatchSteve Hatch, Regional Director, Facebook, UK & Ireland


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