Admap Prize 2017, inspired by Kantar

The Admap Prize is an essay contest that encourages and rewards individual excellence in strategic thinking in brand communications. Essays are judged by a panel of the industry's foremost thought leaders.

The Admap Prize is a unique opportunity to get recognition for the quality of your strategic ideas and for those ideas to be published in Admap magazine, which for over half a century has been synonymous with new ideas, insight and evidence of effectiveness in marketing communications. Essays for the Admap Prize need to be rooted in practical application to marketing challenges/opportunities, and address a specific marketing category.

The Admap Prize is free to enter, with a $5,000 cash prize to the author of the Gold-awarded essay. Selected essays will be published in Admap and on

The topic for the 2017 Prize is: How should TV and Social be used to maximum effect?

The Admap Prize recognizes great thinking and innovation by dissecting the biggest problems brands are facing.

Jason Burby • President, Americas, POSSIBLE, Admap Prize Judge