How should TV and social media be used to maximum effect?

This article introduces the Admap Prize 2017.

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It was late last summer, just as we were deliberating over the essay topic for this year's Admap Prize, that P&G famously declared an about-face in its marketing strategy. The FMCG giant, the world's biggest advertiser and owner of such brands as Always, Ariel and Pampers, confessed, after an 8% fall in annual sales, that it had erred in switching too much of its marketing budget towards targeting specific consumer groups with narrowcast media strategies, at the expense of broadcasting to the widest possible audience. The ad budget was to be increased, P&G asserted, with more money going onto TV, while its strategy for Facebook was to be rebooted, with 'precision targeting' for such things as promoting nappies to expectant mums.