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YANGON: Myanmar has a consumer landscape that is less developed than other markets in Southeast Asia, yet the country's youthful population and growing access to the outside world makes it an exciting opportunity for brands, according to an agency ...


This article offers an overview of the Myanmar market, which is young, connected and seeking new brands and experiences following the end of brutal sanctions.


YANGON: Unilever has cut a joint venture deal with consumer goods rival Europe and Asia Commercial Co in Myanmar, combining home and personal care businesses in a bet to increase sales in the newly open emerging market.


YANGON: There is a degree of uncertainty about the business environment in Myanmar but a new survey shows most local and international firms are planning to expand in the coming year, with the retail sector holding significant potential.


This research by Ogilvy and Mather investigates the opportunities and challenges for brands in 12 developing markets.


This article investigates key trends for marketers in one of Asia's most exciting frontier markets, Myanmar, which is rapidly opening to the world and global brands.

Case Study

This case study shows how Coca-Cola, a beverage corporation and manufacturer, used a global event to increase brand awareness by promoting Myanmar's new economic stability.


This event report discusses early digital trends in Myanmar, a country where access to the internet has previously been restricted.


This brief article gives a top-line overview of the country of Myanmar and the consumer lives of its people.

Research Paper

Drawing from the first comprehensive study of the consumer landscape in Myanmar since the easing of sanctions, this paper explores the growth opportunities in the country from three perspectives: the agency, the client and the consumer.