ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

San Diego, 24th - 26th July 2019
Covers important topics such as AI, influencer marketing, voice, social media, chatbots, content marketing and measurement.

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Organic Valley, a cooperative food brand, has sought to build authentic connections with consumers in a way that mirrors the natural qualities of its products.


Sephora, the beauty retailer, engaged in a novel influencer recruitment strategy that drove participation and helped it identify a diverse range of brand advocates.


Target, the retailer, has built an in-house media shop that works on campaigns for its own brand and for third-party marketers.


Jack in the Box, the quick-service restaurant chain, has tapped into the power of e-sports as a means to engage with young consumers.


Domino’s, the restaurant chain, ran a loyalty program that rewarded consumers for eating its own products, as well as alternative offerings made by its competitors, and even homemade pizzas.