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Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2014

Singapore, 16-18 March 2014
The most agile and forward-thinking leaders forecast, discuss and shape the future of the Asian media landscape.

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This event report discusses and questions several myths about luxury shoppers in China. Some of the main misapprehensions include: they just want to accumulate more possessions (in fact, product quality is a priority); they can effectively be told what to buy (in reality, they are evermore educated and discriminating); they always look at the logo first (standing out is increasingly important); they are purchasing high-end goods online (the in-store experience is still highly valued); they like direct mail (mobile tools like WeChat are the preferred option); and they enjoy flaunting their wealth (sharing news about luxury purchases now typically occurs in private, one-to-one forums, such as via Skype).


This event report discusses how Chinese internet users consume online video, based on information from Youku Tudou.


This event report discusses how Yum! Brands - the parent of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell - is connecting with digitally-savvy consumers in Asia.


This event report discusses early digital trends in Myanmar, a country where access to the internet has previously been restricted.