Admap: April 2014

Humanise the B2B brand
B2B companies are some of the biggest in the world, and yet are under-represented in marketing analysis. This is despite some innovative strategies. B2B brands should keep in mind that they are selling to people, and so humanise to tell their brand story.

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This article discusses the 'Rosser Reeves Fallacy' - the idea that ad recognition is the best way to measure ad effectiveness.


This article identifies seven key digital themes in the automotive industry. These themes are: investment in digital communications which help consumers understand the brand, with focus on brand websites and customer reviews; digital showrooming and the changing path to purchase, where consumers research online and buy offline; customer-first integrated service; and maintaining relevance with information and custom features.


This article discusses how social media briefs lead to social media strategies, arguing that a deeper analysis of the brief will lead to a better strategy.


This article discusses psychology research into why some people are lucky, and considers how these lessons can be applied to planning.


This article describes eight timeless lessons for planners derived from the work of John Webster, the person who wrote 10 of the British public's 'top 100 ads ever'.


This article describes a growing trend towards consumers wanting brands to help them become the people they want to be.


This brief article describes the value of Google+, Google's social network and identity sharing tool, in bringing together disparate parts of Google's service.


A detailed and critical examination of 'audience appreciation' and current demands for its extension (notably ITC's `The Reactive Viewer' by Barrie Gunter and Mallory Wober, 1992; Peter Menneer's article in Admap on `Audience Appreciation, June 1987; and Hugh Johnson's article on the same subject in Admap, October 1992).