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ANA Brand Masters Conference

Hollywood, Florida, 26-28 February 2014
Advertisers share their approaches to brand building that drive sales, profitability, and return on investment. Industry experts discuss how they navigate through customer insights, data analytics, and technology to engage customers and grow their businesses.

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This event report discusses how Hostess Brands LLC, the US bakery company, brought the iconic Twinkies and CupCakes brands back to store shelves after its predecessor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.


This event report discusses how Mizuno, the sports brand, built on its success in the US running-shoe category as it sought to reach golfers of "average Joe" standards, but with great enthusiasm for the game.


This event report discusses some findings from the Marketing2020 study conducted by the consultancy EffectiveBrands in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers.


This event report discusses how Samsung has built a brand, and culture, capable of challenging Apple in the smartphone category.


This event report discusses how Dunkin' Donuts, the American quick service restaurant chain, has tackled a major challenge: moving beyond the confines of its name to become recognised in other categories, especially coffee.


This report describes how Citibank, the financial services provider, improved brand health through the sponsorship of the New York bicycle sharing programme.


This event report describes how Taco Bell, the quick service restaurant chain in the US, changed its marketing in order to become a lifestyle brand.