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ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference

London, 3-5 November 2013
As racial and ethnic minorities make up an increasing proportion of the US population, evolution in multicultural marketing is discussed.

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This event report discusses Diageo's approach to reaching those groups of consumers which have traditionally been regarded as "minorities" by brands.


This event report discusses General Mills' developing approach to multicultural marketing. As a big player in categories ranging from breakfast cereal to flour and canned soup, the company has a keen interest in reflecting the changing face of American society - and, especially, that of the family.


This event report discusses how IMAN, the beauty brand targeted at multicultural consumers, has tapped into the rising affluence, digital savvy and comparative youth of its core audience.


This report describes how McDonald's, the fast food retailer, is approaching multicultural marketing in the US, where it is seeing growing numbers of Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American customers across its outlets.


This event report describes how Coca-Cola, the beverage company, markets its brands to multicultural consumers.


This event report describes how PepsiCo, the beverage company, approaches multicultural marketing, particularly with regard to Hispanics.