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IPA Eff Fest

London, 15 October 2013
Challenging conventional thinking on the value of creativity.

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This event report describes how Transport for London (TfL), the local government organisation, uses social media to update people on transport issues.


This event report discusses the difficulty in measuring the value of a corporate social media presence, using O2, the UK telecommunications company, as an example of best practice.


This event report outlines seven key steps for brands to maximise their social media effectiveness. These steps are: find a way to measure effectiveness, not just count followers; integrate social media into wider marketing communications strategy; apply traditional test and learn processes to social media campaigns; exploit the data available through the channel; and separate causation and correlation, possibly through A/B testing.


This event report explains how BT, the telecommunications company, estimates that its use of social media for customer service saves the company £2 million a year.


This report examines new insights into consumer behaviour and discusses how they could inform marketing.


This report looks at how brands are employing co-creation and collaboration with consumers to deliver successful products.


This report discusses how marketers and agencies can make their organisations more creative. It identifies four Cs for overcoming creativity challenges - Commitment, Context, Courage and Collaboration - and suggests six models of organisational creativity.