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ANA Masters of Marketing

Phoenix, Arizona, 3-6 October 2013
Chief marketing officers and industry leaders discuss brand building, use of media and marketing accountability.

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This report describes how Dunkin' Brands, the fast food chain owner, approaches marketing in the US, as consumers become more digitally engaged.


This event report describes how Hennessy, the cognac brand, is using an aspirational message to reach a new generation of drinkers in the US.


This event report describes how The United States Postal Service (USPS) has met the challenges created by the digital revolution, including significant financial difficulties and poor brand perceptions.


This event report describes the approach to marketing taken by Walmart, the discount retailer, to engage with consumers in the US, and focuses on the structures Walmart has in place to ensure continuing innovation.


This event report describes how General Electric (GE), the engineering and technology giant, approaches business-to-business marketing in an innovative way, identifying five key lessons.