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ARF Audience Measurement 8.0

New York, June 10 - 11 2013

Warc's US Editor, Geoffrey Precourt, reports from the ARF's Audience Measurement 8.0 conference - Measuring the Unmeasured.

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Addressable TV advertising has long been a kind of holy grail for brands and, in leveraging this approach to reach tenants of rented homes, Allstate, the insurance company, first had to draw on data form public sources, self-reported surveys and material like Homestead Tax Exemption forms.


The insights function at Mars has been on a transformative journey since 2005. At that point, the return on investment from its advertising fell below industry benchmarks.


ESPN, the broadcaster, has partnered with Arbitron and comScore to pioneer a new multi-platform audience measurement system.


AT&T, the wireless carrier, wanted to gain in-depth insights into the ROI from its three main forms of television output: cable, broadcast networks and sponsorship.


Marketing researchers face a number of challenges, including the need to establish satisfactory metrics, integrating with other communications functions and staying abreast of the latest thinking and strategies.