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Internet Week New York 2013

New York, 20-27 May 2013
Exploring how technology has disrupted and revolutionized every section of business from food to fashion to healthcare to education.

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This event report shows how food brands in the US are using digital tech advances of recent years. Whole Foods, a retail chain, and Chobani, a yoghurt brand, are both using social media to broadcast brand values of transparency and authenticity.


This event report discusses a recent real-time marketing initiative from Oreo, which saw the US food brand posting a banner ad via Twitter just after the unexpected Super Bowl 2013 blackout, from the client, agency and social media manager's perspective.


This report discusses how NBCUniversal, the US media and entertainment company, is addressing and adapting its NBC network TV business to the various challenges and opportunities presented by the digital revolution.


This report discusses the growing feminisation of technology and why brand owners cannot afford to ignore the unique attitudes and behaviours of women, whether in marketing, product design or company management.