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ARF Re:think 2013

New York, 17-20 March 2013

Warc's US Editor, Geoffrey Precourt, reports from the ARF's Re:Think 2013 conference, exploring the possibilities and opportunities afforded by dynamic technologies and new research methods.

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Disney, as with many brands in China, has faced a problem with copycats. But while fake handbags and running shoes are one thing, attempting to closely replicate an entire theme park is quite another.


Citi, the financial services provider, is taking an increasingly city-centric focus both in China and around the world.


Heinz, the food group, is pursuing a research model in China based around the mantra, "Listen. Work.


General Electric, the conglomerate, is transforming its approach to digital media, focusing not on specific data sets but instead on the actual behaviour of customers and consumers in response to its marketing activity.


This article outlines out a range of trends and statistics regarding consumer usage of connected devices around the world, as drawn from the Advertising Research Foundation's Re:think 2013 conference.


Walmart, and its Sam's Club wholesale arm, are two of America's largest retailers. Tapping consumer insights in an enterprise of that scale presents a significant challenge, which the two organisations have sought to achieve through ensuring buy-in at senior level, creating insights that empower their target audience, and emphasising practicality to ensure the findings of research can be applied and make a measurable difference.


In this article, Lori Kneisler, General Motors' market research manager, reveals how the automaker is embedding the voice of the customer throughout its organisation.


In this article, Gayle Fuguitt, the president/CEO of the ARF, outlines her vision of the future for both the organisation and market research as a whole.